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Muffler services

Classic & Custom Motorcycle Muffler and Exhausts service is the full package - design through to fitting. We can...

  • Repair or rebuild a damaged muffler and exhaust system.
  • Modify an existing system.  Perhaps you need it raised for clearance or lowered for a look - maybe you want or need a different sound.
  • Custom made baffles - does your bike exceed the legal noise limit?  We can custom make baffles to keep you legal.
  • Custom made heat shields - avoid burns.
  • Build a complete new system.  Maybe you want a look and head turning sound that is truly unique.
  • Build a replica system.  Do you have a classic bike and want a a system that perfectly matches the original?

Other services - we can turn your metal project into a reality.

  • Metal fabrication - we can shape sheet stainless steel or aluminium to your specfications.
  • Milling and turning metal items to your specifications.
  • Welding - aluminium, stainless or mild steel, titanium.
  • Polishing/finishing -inc chrome.
  • Custom make metal products to your specs.

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